Complaint about a training organisation operating under ASQA's jurisdiction

ASQA's authority to investigate

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has the authority to investigate formal complaints that allege training organisations are breaching, or have breached, the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (the Act) and/or its associated legislative instruments.

ASQA may investigate complaints alleging that:

  • an organisation is marketing the delivery and/or issuance of nationally recognised training outcomes where the organisation is either not a registered training organisation (RTO), or is an ASQA RTO but is not registered to deliver the specified training outcome, or
  • an ASQA RTO is delivering or has delivered, training, assessment, support and/or administrative services in breach of the Act, the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and/or the requirements of a Training Package or accredited course.

Complaints about matters not categorised above may be outside the authority of ASQA to investigate. Such complaints should be taken up with the relevant government agency or industry body.

If the national register ( lists that an RTO's registration is managed by a registering body other than ASQA, ASQA will not be able to investigate your complaint.

Using this form

It is not ASQA's role to arbitrate between aggrieved parties. ASQA receives and investigates complaints to assist it to manage the risk of training providers not complying with their legislative obligations.

ASQA may receive complaints from current or past students, training provider staff or contractors, other training providers, industry or government representatives, or the general public

Complainants are required to provide evidence to support an allegation that a training provider is breaching or has breached regulatory requirements.

Complaints about more than one training provider must be submitted on separate forms.


All student complainants

If you are a student, or representing a student, you must first seek to have your complaint investigated through your training provider's internal complaints and appeals resolution processes.

Only under exceptional circumstances, or after all opportunities to resolve the matter through a training provider's internal complaints process are exhausted, should you seek to have your complaint investigated by an external party (such as ASQA).

Overseas student complainants

Overseas students who are studying in Australia on a student visa must lodge their complaint with the relevant Ombudsman. The Overseas Students Ombudsman’s office will only look into the following types of complaints:

  • refusing admission to a course
  • fees and refunds
  • course or provider transfers
  • course progress or attendance
  • cancellation of enrollment
  • accommodation or work arranged by your provider
  • incorrect advice given by an education agent.

If your complaint is about private vocational education and training organisations in Australia, please contact the Overseas Students Ombudsman (OSO). You can find out more about this service on their website:

If you are studying at a public institution, such as a TAFE college, to lodge a complaint you should contact the Ombudsman in the state or territory in which you are studying. You can find details of what the Ombudsman can investigate on their website. Below is a list of the Ombudsman websites for all states and territories in Australia:

Help with this form

For help with this form, please contact the ASQA info line on 1300 701 801. For technical issues with this form, e-mail (Note this e-mail address will not process Complaints.)